The launch of Babylon’s Fall earlier in the year was met with strong criticism, with audiences and critics alike calling the game boring and repetitive. The lack of interest in the game has taken Babylon’s Fall to the end of the line, as Square Enix has announced the game’s services will terminate on Feb. 28, 2023. This is exactly one year after the game’s digital deluxe launch date. Ouch.

The termination of Babylon’s Fall may not be much of a surprise at this point, with the game having a peak 24-hour player count of nine at the time of writing. Nonetheless, it’s still very disappointing to see the game get axed after just one year. When players buy into a game from a major studio it’s expected it will last. This is especially true at such a premium price point, and Babylon’s Fall is still $60 on Steam. After the termination date, players will no longer be able to even log on and play the game.

Babylon's Fall screenshot
The termination of Babylon’s Fall will stop owners of the game from paying.

The disappointment doesn’t stop there. Babylon’s Fall 1.1.0 patch notes from March explicitly state that “there are no plans to reduce the scale of development on Babylon’s Fall”, continuing with “we have started work on season 3 and beyond”. The devs at PlatinumGames have gone back on their word, as the game won’t even be receiving its third season, let alone any plans beyond that. Instead, the end of season 2 on Nov. 29 will be followed by a ‘final season’ to end the game’s life.

Were you a Babylon’s Fall player? Are you surprised by this announcement? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.


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