Bandai Namco Trademarks a Possible New Souls Title

Bandai Namco has created one of the most popular franchises of recent years with the souls franchise, with the latest entry having been released last year as Dark Souls 2, players can’t get enough of the sheer brutality of the franchise and the punishing nature. However would people be excited to see a brand new one get revealed? This is the question that is begged with the possible trademarking of a potential new entry, Bandai Namco has recently trademarked “Soldier’s Soul” which we could easily be mistaken but the soul title in the name does lead to a sort of suggestion that this could be the next soul game. As far as we know this is just a trademarking but hopefully we will receive an official announcement sometime in the near future, on the positive side the trademark is definitely implying something to come in the future.

The next entry in the Souls franchise is Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin a current generation version of last years Dark Souls 2 with extra content, so for now this will have to keep Souls fan happy until then.

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