Splatoon screenshots (2/18/15)

For a while now the developers of Splatoon have been putting screenshots of the game up on Twitter discussing the game, though at this time of writing I have yet to bring any of them to the site. Well I have brought today’s screenshot which discusses one of Splatoon’s most interesting weapons the roller, the screenshot is above and the translated version of the comment is below:

Investigative Report.
The Roller allows you to paint the ground as you move around, but if you shake it, you can spread ink over a wide area. So, while it’s got a short range, but it can unleash a powerful attack.
Apparently, rolling around right after using the powerful shake feels really good.

It is impossible to deny just how much fun this game looks and the roller just looks even more enjoyable and I can’t wait to get my hands on the game. I will try to put these up more often.


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