Battlefield 6 Leaker Has Twitter Account Suspended

Tom Henderson, a prominent Battlefield 6 leaker, has had his Twitter account suspended and was forced to remove all Battlefield leak related content from his YouTube channel. Henderson released a statement via his new Twitter account concerning the suspension, enforced after he shared information regarding Battlefield 6

“I’m seeing a lot of conspiracy theories flying around about what happened with my Twitter and the answer is simple; My Twitter was suspended and I received a heads up as to why, so I’ve protected myself before/if things progressed. I’m still waiting on official word from Twitter”.

In a separate post, Henderson added that he would “standby everything I’ve stated previously, but I just needed to remove the source of the content”.

Reddit thread expanded on the suspension in a little more detail. While Henderson had shared information regarding both the upcoming 2021 Call of Duty title and BF6, only BF6 content was taken down. According to the post, “it is clear that it was EA that came after him, not Activision.”

The post later speculates that Henderson had released “accurate information about the game”, and EA intervened, requesting Henderson take the content down.

“Another theory would be that his leaks are wrong and they want to silence the spread of misinformation, however, I don’t think that makes much sense.

“There are loads of Youtubers that SPECULATE about what BF6 will be, and I don’t see EA take any action on those users, so I am assuming they went after Tom Henderson because his leaks were actually true.”

In the past, Henderson suggested Battlefield 6 would take place in a modern-day setting, echoing Battlefield 3, and more recently, shared information regarding last year’s Black Ops Cold War and a potential Modern Warfare sequel in 2021. 

Do you think the leaks are accurate? How do you feel about EA’s response to the situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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