Bayonetta 2 looks promising based on reviews

As many of you know within the coming weeks Bayonetta 2 is set to launch around the world and as things look it should apparently be quite promising. Bayonetta 2 is Nintendo’s doing by making the game exist and providing Wii U players with a game that goes above what many are currently offering and is set to provide something different. On paper it seems different and potentially enjoyable but it does come down to a matter of opinion and as it appears most opinions are quite positive about Bayonetta 2 with many of the major review websites scoring it anywhere between 9 and 10 which is pretty well done. As it stands major players like IGN have given the game a score 9.5 which is pretty high, stating just about all positives with the game, likewise Gamespot has gone and given the game a perfect 10 which is impressive given that this is their first 10 since Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. Similarly Destructoid has given the game a 10, Nintendo World Report has given the game a 9 and Joystiq has given the game a 5 out of 5, all and all Bayonetta 2 has been seen extremely positive and the lowest score I have seen thus far has been from Polygon scoring the game a 7.5.

Apparently Bayonetta 2 is a must own game for the Wii U and many of the higher scoring reviews suggest the game is brilliant, in this past week Wii U owners got a chance to play the game with a demo and I must admit I personally found it boring and just have no interest in the game. But I still think based on reviews and peoples testimonies Bayonetta 2 is a game to get and most likely you will enjoy especially if you played the first one.

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