Be Adorable AND Helpful in Part Time UFO for Nintendo Switch

Developer HAL Laboratories is no stranger to the adorable – after all, this is the studio which first brought us the lovable pink puffball Kirby, best known for his ravenous appetite and adorable noises. During last week’s Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase, HAL surprised fans with the announcement of another super cute title featuring a brand new character who just might rival Kirby’s record for how fast he won over the hearts of gamers.

In Part Time UFO, players take on the role of the titular UFO as he completes a series of jobs in order to help out people around the world. From helping a farmer unload crates to reassembling dinosaur skeletons to stacking cheerleaders in a pyramid, this UFO’s handy extendable claw can do it all. The game features several dozen missions and levels which can be completed to earn rewards such as medals and adorable costumes for your UFO.

In addition, each and every job in the game features a more challenging two-player mode which allows you to pass a controller to a friend and solve the puzzle together. Friends can also help out in two additional modes: Tower of Infinity and Treasure Hunt. In Tower of Infinity, up to two UFOs work together to stack objects and create the tallest tower possible without it falling over. With the help of a friend, your tower might even reach outer space! Meanwhile, in Treasure Hunt, the UFOs explore treacherous abandoned ruins in order to collect as many rare items as possible.

Part Time UFO was made available via the Nintendo Switch eShop immediately following the broadcast of the Partner Showcase on October 28. Is there any better way to spend your time during quarantine than completing helpful tasks as an adorable UFO? We sure don’t think so!

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