Belgian Studio Warcave Announces Black Legend

Belgian studio Warcave has announced its newest title, Black Legend, will be coming out sometime next year. It is slated to be released on the PC,  PlayStation4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Black Legend appears to share an aesthetic previously seen in Mordheim: City of The Damned, but without the pesky Games Workshop licensing issues. Set in the fictional city of Grant, players will explore a cursed city wreathed in fog and stuffed full of treasure and monsters. Combat looks to owe more to XCOM in terms of gameplay rather than Mordheim, a tactical RPG that the developers are promising will not have “95% chance misses.”


As players explore Grant and defeat monsters, they’ll be able to upgrade their character units with better gear and even set up power sets with cross-class abilities from among the game’s 15 different classes.  The developers also promise a range of difficulty levels, so those who want to enjoy the story can do so, while the hardcore grognards can ramp up to brutal levels of street-to-street fighting.

Much like The Witcher III, Black Legend will be borrowing its bestiary from Northern European and Baltic region folklore. The team rattled off nekkers (which should be familiar to Witcher fans) and witte weiven (“white women,” spirits of healers who might be helpful or hateful), as well as supernatural personages such as Old Red Eyes (also sometimes known as “The Beast of Flanders,” a magical creature who seems to shift between man and hound) and Halewijn (a man who enchants young women with a song right before killing them). Also, much like The Witcher III, alchemy will be a central mechanic in the game, with opportunities to injure or debilitate the enemy or receive the same treatment in kind.

While there has not been a firm release date as of yet, the game can currently be wishlisted on Steam.

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