Black Myth: Wukong Developer Responds to Trailer’s Popularity

In only 24 hours, Black Myth: Wukong has become one of the most talked-about upcoming games, period. The action-adventure title, which is being developed by China-based company Game Science, released 13 minutes of gameplay footage from a pre-alpha build of the game.

Gamers on the Internet were immediately entranced by Sun Wukong’s fluid, versatile combat style and the game’s rich, vibrant atmosphere. The footage garnered over 10 million views on Chinese video site BiliBili, and became a trending topic on several English-language forums.

Feng Ji, the founder of Game Science, posted his thoughts regarding the footage via blogging site Sina Weibo. His remarks were translated into English by a user going by “Nightengale” on the Resetera gaming forum. The developer was extremely humble, stating that the gameplay footage was an “honest” portrayal of the work Game Science had done and that they hoped to use the video to attract new talent to their studio to help develop the game even further. Additionally, Feng Ji openly pointed out weak points in the video, including the lack of water physics and a low frame rate in certain scenes.

While the team at Game Science was generally happy that the Wukong gameplay received such positive reception, Feng Ji promised that the studio would not “let it get to their heads.” Instead, they would “retreat” or “hide” as they continued to work on developing the game. The post even requested that viewers “forget” about the footage they had seen — a rather unlikely outcome, given the popularity Wukong gained in only a single day.

Unfortunately, Feng Ji’s statement likely means that we will not be seeing any more updates regarding Black Myth: Wukong shortly. However, fans can rest assured that Game Science is continuing to work hard on the game, and are committed to delivering a high-quality product to their fans around the world.

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