Brigitte Hits Overwatch Live Servers Tuesday

Brigitte Lindholm will finally be ready to play in Overwatch on March 20 after a lengthy period of testing and tweaking to ensure her viability in the game. Brigitte will be playable in the game, however, she will not be available to play in the current competitive Season 9. She will be introduced to the competitive meta starting with Season 10. This news comes from a post made by Overwatch Developer Scott Mercer early this afternoon, in which he discussed the development team’s philosophy of introducing a new hero mid-season.

“Starting with the releases of Blizzard World and Brigitte, we made the decision to debut new maps and heroes in Competitive Play at the beginning of the season that follows their release,” he said. “This means that Brigitte will become available in Competitive Play when Season 10 begins, just as Blizzard World became available at the beginning of Season 9. This will help give each competitive season a stronger identity, as well as provide the community with plenty of time to learn how to play with new maps or heroes.”

Overwatch is a living, breathing game, and has been ever since its release back in May 2016. The steady stream of free content, such as maps, characters, cosmetics, and tweaks, has played a significant role in the game’s sustained shelf life.

Starting March 20, Brigitte Lindholm will be available to play in all non-competitive Overwatch game modes for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 

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