Star Wars: Battlefront 2 to Receive New Progression System

According to a reveal from Electronic Arts and DICE, the new progression system for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will have major changes come March 21.

In the new system, each class, hero, and ship the player uses will have their own progression lines. with advancement in each role, the player will gain experience points, which will level up the character. Each level will reward the player with a skill point, which can be cashed in for the much sought out Star Cards.

The new system will not allow the purchase of Star Cards earned through Credits earned during gameplay, nor through the premium currency, Crystals. In addition, Star Cards will also no longer be found in loot crates.

The previously contentious loot crates will now only provide players with credits and aesthetic items for playable characters. Purchase of the crates with any type of currency has been eliminated. Instead, players will be rewarded crates through daily login bonuses, timed challenges, and completing milestones.

The Crystal currency will still be available for purchase, but only for acquiring new skins for the various classes and heroes. Seemingly learning from its mistakes, DICE has stated that microtransactions in further games will similarly be for cosmetic rewards only.

As the original progression system was met with much controversy, it was essential for the developers to revamp the system. With this restructured scheme, EA hopes to put those concerns to rest. While the damage already done might be too much for players to look past, time will tell if Battlefront 2 can rise back out of the ashes.

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