Call Of Duty Ghosts: Personalization Packs Out Now

Infinity Ward Recently added a new patch for Call Of Duty Ghosts. this patch includes minor bug fixes on all platforms, but the biggest part of the patch is that 10 new Micro-transactions have been added into the game.

There are 4 new personalization packs, 4 new character skins and a Captain Price Legend Pack pack.

All of these DLC’s are available for $1.99, except the Captain Price DLC which will cost $3.99. The DLC is currently only available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with the PC, PS3 and PS4 DLC coming at a later date and it will not be arriving on the WiiU.

This DLC will not be included in the Season Pass, and it is only cosmetic items.

The personalization packs include a weapon camo, a player patch, a player card, a reticle and a player background.

Inferno Pack

Make your customization options even hotter with the Inferno Personalization Pack. Get an all-new flame weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.


Circuit Pack

Enhance your customization options with the Circuit Personalization Pack. Get a high-tech weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard, and background.


Ducky Pack

With the Ducky Personalization Pack, a small army of squeaky yellow soldiers decorate your weapon in the form of an all-new themed camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.



Space Cats Pack

Out of this world cute, yet ferocious, the Space Cats Personalization Pack delivers a feline-filled weapon camo, custom reticle, patch, playercard and background.
Space Cats

Character Elias

Step into the boots of Captain Elias Walker, leader of the Ghosts, in Multiplayer. The classic styled mask of this Special Forces icon will strike fear into any enemy.

Character Hesh

Step into battle as Hesh, the newest member of the Ghosts, in Multiplayer. His distinctive face paint mask sets him apart from the rest of his deadly brethren.

Character Merrick

Wear the distinctive “half mask” of Merrick, the Ghosts field commander, in Multiplayer. This former record-setting Special Forces operator is the heart and soul of the deadliest force in the ongoing battle against the Federation.

Character Keegan

Earn the mask of the Ghosts most distinctive member in Multiplayer. Keegan, with his Quad-NVGs, brings an intimidating look to any match.


Captain Price Legend Pack

Become Captain Price in Call of Duty®: Ghosts Multiplayer. ”Stay Frosty” as one of the most legendary Call of Duty® heroes of all-time with a classic Price Character and unique Personalization Pack featuring a Price-themed weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.


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You can watch the trailer that shows all of this off Here:

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