Captain Toad Treasure Tracker details

Similar to other games I have been compiling the major details for games announced during Nintendo’s Digital event and other games, here is some of the details for Captain Toads Treasure Tracker and you read them below these details are all from the demo’s at the show as presented from people at the show, I will also include the trailer shown in today’s presentation:

– Rotate the camera as Toad goes through maze-like levels to reach the top
– Star is at the top
– Toad has no real powers
– He braves dangers, avoiding baddies to collect treasures
– Treasure includes coins, diamonds, and the star at the goal
– Toad can’t jump
– He can run and sustain a hit
– Toad can regain his health by collecting a Super Mushroom
– Depending on the level, he has other tricks to help him succeed
– One of the E3 levels features a mine cart filled a supply of turnips
– Basically an on-rails shooter
– Look around in first-person view on the touch screen using the right stick and/or gyroscope and throw turnips to collect coins and diamonds and kill baddies
– Pluck turnips to grab additional coins and sometimes a diamond
– If POW blocks are hit, they destroy multiple enemies and/or collect the surrounding treasure
– Boss level features Toad grabbing treasure and moving upward in a cylindrical-shaped stage with a lava dinosaur in the middle
– Boss spits fireballs at you from the background
– Captain Toad must use metal plates and other objects as he climbs ladders and nabs treasure on his way to the top
– There are also turnips in the ground on this level
– Some turnips hold multiple coins that can be collected by tapping the A button multiple times
– Final level is set in a ghost house
– In this level, the player is asked to go through a series of connected doors to traverse around and up the central structure
– Captain Toad can kill a goomba here by entering a door on the ground connected to one in the air
– When exiting the upper door, Captain Toad falls straight down onto the goomba, squishing him
– Tap outlined segments of the central structure in order to move them
– Many of the doors are attached to such moving blocks, which must be placed correctly to proceed or to collect treasure

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