Carmine Brothers Introduced Into Gears 5 Multiplayer Mode

The Carmines have been introduced into Gears 5. Via the game’s multiplayer mode, Anthony, Ben, and Gary Carmine are now playable characters. Up until this point, new COGs have been introduced in PvE modes Horde and Escape, as well as the Versus multiplayer, making this new development a first.

In the blog post from The Coalition, it reads: “The boys are back in town! Anthony, Benjamin, and Gary Carmine are rocking into Gears 5 today from our weekly reset time of 10 a.m. PT.”

“We have a broader PVE plan coming that will allow you to take these – and all COG – characters into Horde or Escape.”

The post adds: “As always, each Character can be earned through gameplay by crafting their Totem, equipping it, and earning 30,000 XP.”

Each Carmine can also be purchased for 500 Iron, and this applies to all other characters.

The Carmine Release trailer was unveiled via the Gears of War Youtube channel, as seen below. As one brother proudly claims that the Carmines never quit, they are, however, repeatedly blown up and shot to death throughout the teaser.

The trailer pays homage to a running joke within the Gears franchise, which relates to This is due to the number of times they’ve survived near-death experiences, or been killed altogether.

Back in 2006, Private Anthony Carmine was killed during the beginning of the Lightmass Offensive. Since his introduction into the first Gears Of War game, he became a hit with the fans.

Within Gears 5, the only remaining brother still alive is Chief Sergeant Clayton “Clay” Carmine, the eldest of the clan. He has appeared in the Gears 5 campaign, yet however, sad to say, not in multiplayer. For this reason, you can’t play as him. 

Check out the link here for the Gameluster review of Gears 5.

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