Celebrate Annapurna Interactive With This Limited-Edition Folio

Annapurna Interactive is a developer that has come to be known for producing and publishing a staggeringly wide range of games. From colorful puzzlers to terrifying horror to tricky survival, it’s not a stretch to say that Annapurna Interactive has done it all.

Now, game-focused collector’s item developer and seller IAm8Bit is offering players the chance to celebrate Annapurna like never before with the box set of any gamer’s dreams.

The Annapurna Interactive Deluxe Folio, available for a limited time only from IAm8Bit, contains physical PlayStation 4 versions of eight of Annapurna’s most beloved titles. Included in the set are:

    • Hilarious puzzler Donut County, which gives players the bizarre power to create holes
    • The TV Edition of texted-based point-and-click adventure Kentucky Route Zero
    • Interstellar action-adventure Outer Wilds praised for its innovative use of a time-loop setting
    • Bizarre (and occasionally terrifying) grid-based puzzler Gorogoa
    • Music-based Sayonara Wild Hearts, described as a hybrid between an action game and a pop album
    • Live-action narrative-based mystery Telling Lies, in which four characters communicate via video call
    • Adorable action-exploration title Wattam, where a player befriends the unique residents of a cute melody-based world
    • Chilling adventure – exploration combination What Remains of Edith Finch, which spins the story of a cursed family

This collection of discs represents the first physical PlayStation 4 release of Telling Lies and Gorogoa. In addition to the games themselves, this limited edition bundle includes statements from each of the eight games’ developers, an exclusive foreword from Annapurna founder Nathan Gary, and a stunning folio case for storing all eight discs.

This collection is currently available for pre-order via IAm8Bit’s Web site, with a price of $199.99. In their official Twitter statement introducing the collection, IAm8Bit confirmed that the item would ship in time for the 2020 holiday season.

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