Celebrities I’d Cast as Baldur’s Gate 3 Party Members

Like basically half the gaming population, Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3 has had a chokehold on my life over the past few months, with no end in sight. Just when I think I’ve found a brief reprieve with another game to occupy my time, I feel myself sucked back in once again, and only partially because I dream about Halsin cooking me breakfast about 3-4 times per week. And while the game is probably far too vast for a movie, maybe someday in the not-so-distant future, someone like Netflix or HBO will see fit to pick up this masterpiece and give us a binge worthy limited series to keep enabling our fantasy fix. But, what would a casting for Baldur’s Gate 3 look like? Assuming it got picked up by a major studio, there’s no doubt in my mind that they could cast some real star power for the party members. So, if by some stroke of luck I won the lottery or caught the eye of some big executive over at HBO, here’s my list of who I would cast for some of my favorite party members from Baldur’s Gate 3. And I fully expect some of my choices will be considered hot takes, but I am ready to die on this proverbial hill if needed.

Gale – Tom Hiddleston

Gale Tom
“Go ahead, I’m listening,” -Tom Hiddleston.

The delightfully charming and articulate wizard of Waterdeep seems like a spot on match for the charm and guile of my boy Tom, better known to most as Loki in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. With that devilish grin and English accent that could make a steadfast adult melt, Hiddleston would serve in the role perfectly. 

Gale is intriguing and often comes off as an open book about his past, even so far as to the nature of the dangerous affliction that could be disastrous for anyone within a hundred yards of him. With the emotional and evolutionary range Hiddleston exhibited as Loki throughout the Marvel stories, the ability to inhabit the role of a wizard challenged to overcome his obsession with knowledge and desire for companionship feels like a natural fit for him. Also doesn’t hurt to look at him with longer hair and a spiffy little beard. 

Lae’Zel – Helena Bonham Carter

Laezel Helena
Try and tell me Bonham Cartner wouldn’t kill it every single time she said, “Chk!”

Everyone’s favorite pissed off githyanki fighter requires the particular talents of an actor who has no qualm with the wild, the weird, and the chaotic. I can’t think of anyone more fitting for that than Helena Bonham Carter, perhaps most famously known amongst Millennials and Gen Z as Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter films. But Bonham Carter has an impressive rap sheet with roles in The Crown, Enola Homes, and famously in a number of Tim Burton films like Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd. There’s no question to me that she could fully embody the famously curt and single-minded Lae’Zel, and do so with great compassion and heart (something Lae’Zel would probably rather you didn’t know about her). I’m intrigued to think how makeup would go, but I’m sure it would only end up blowing us all out of the water. 

Shadowheart – Felicity Jones

Shart Felicity
Jones would certainly bring a great deal of emotional depth and humanity to Shadowheart, which I’d love to see on screen.

The Cleric of Shar is more than a little hostile towards us in those early days in the game, but her dedication to her purpose along with her ability to reason when necessary makes Felicity Jones a great fit. Jones is probably most well known for taking on the role of Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything. Jones’ soft voice but powerful presence would suit the role of Shadowheart perfectly, a character that leaves an indelible mark despite having the worst bangs known to man. It pains my heart to know Jones would have to have the world’s worst haircut, but if anyone could make the sacrifice for their art, I trust her for the job. 

Wyll – Daniel Kaluuya

Wyll Daniel
With plenty of charm and no shortage of skill, I can see Kaluuya absolutely nailing the role of the Blade of Frontiers.

A savvy warlock, the Blade of Frontiers has dedicated himself to fighting injustice and destroying devils and other monsters across the Sword Coast. Daniel Kaluuya has dazzled in performances as Chris in Get Out, W’Kabi in Black Panther, and his Oscar winning role as Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah. With roles as a fighter, communicator, and social justice activist, Kaluuya would perfectly embody the Blade of Frontiers and his dedication to justice along the Coast. While it is revealed that the source of Wyll’s power lies in a dangerous pact he made with a dangerous patron, his resolve remains as clear as ever, and Kaluuya is no stranger to roles that require that level of dedication and experience. I’d also just really love to see him slicing up a bunch of devils with that dashing smile.

Halsin – Jason Momoa

Halsin Jason
Look at that likeness and try to tell me I’m wrong. 

No, I absolutely do not have a lingering fantasy about Jason Momoa being my boyfriend or Halsin also being my boyfriend and the whole “making me breakfast” thing. This is purely based on actual, logical, and reasonable thought on who would be the best fit to embody the hottest druid in all of Faerun. Seriously, I can be trusted. 

The First Druid and beloved leader of the Grove, Halsin is a dedicated servant of nature and a steadfast holder of the Oak Father’s tenets for all beings that live and breathe. You know who else loves nature, is dedicated and passionate about protecting it, and also has a jawline that would make anyone immediately turn into liquid? While the very notion of Momoa shaving off that godly beard makes my heart cry, we’ve seen how that sexy jawline holds us in a hypnotic trance with roles in Dune and Conan the Barbarian, among many other impressively bearded roles (would be remiss not to mention Aquaman or Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones). While I’m not confident Momoa could pull off Halsin’s accent, I probably would be too busy enjoying just looking at him to notice. I will accept no counter argument on this. 

Karlach – Katy O’Brian

Karlach Katy
I have a vested interest in being bench pressed by Karlach. And I bet O’Brian could do that in spades.

The bumbling, endlessly charming, and outright deadly barbarian devil and former soldier of the Blood War, Karlach is fire mommy goals. After escaping from enslavement in the Nine Hells, Karlach allies herself with our little band of adventurers to seek out a cure for our affliction, and provides plenty of heart and a dash of chaos along the way. I can think of no better actor to take this proverbial devil by the horns than Katy O’Brian, fresh off her impressive performance in the starring role of Jackie in Love Lies Bleeding. A lifelong martial artist proficient in multiple disciplines, O’Brian is a relative newcomer to acting, with early roles in The Walking Dead and The Mandalorian before landing more notable roles in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Love Lies Bleeding. Her skill as a fighter, her build, and her heart would make her a riveting fit for Karlach, and provide more opportunity to see her fighting skills in action. I’ve been really enthralled with O’Brian in these early roles and would love to see her expanded range as the beloved devil herself.

Astarion – Neil Newbon

A man who needs no introduction, or even an explanation about why he’s the best fit. 

Let’s be real; nobody else can be Astarion. The role was made for Newbon, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else fully embodying the character with the same care, grace, and dedication as he has and continues to do. 

The vampire spawn and devilishy charming rogue has more than a few problems, but nothing he can’t solve with cutting insults and an endless thirst for blood (both literally and figuratively). I’d love nothing more than to see Newbon step onto the silver screen with those extra sharp fangs and looking straight into the camera before purring “darling,” I think I would faint. Consider this my heartfelt plea. 

Tav – Robert Downey Jr. 

The man. The myth. The legend.

I will not be elaborating further. You already know I’m right.    

You’ve heard Clare’s casting picks.  Let’s hear yours in the comments!

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