Amiibo are incredibly hard to get, and as they gain in popularity, so has people's frustration in their unsuccessful attempts to get them themselves. To help you get the new wave of Amiibo, I have created this post. Wave 4 releases on May 29, along with Splatoon. As a general tip, use the company's mobile site when ordering, as sometimes the full site will show that the item is out of stock when it really isn't.


Greninja is exclusive to Toys R Us, and will be up for pre-order tomorrow.

UPDATE 7a: Greninja is up on Toys R Us' website, but there are errors. He might be available soon. Additionally, Toys R Us has decided to not do in-store pre-orders for Greninja.


Likewise, Ness is exclusive to Gamestop, and his pre-order will go up online a few hours after this post is made. However, there is no set time for when the pre-orders will be available, so keep refreshing the page.  Ness is available for pre-order in-store right now, so hurry on over to your nearest Gamestop if you would rather not order online.

UPDATE 1: Gamestop's website has been taken down. There is no information on when it will be back up.

UPDATE 2: Gamestop's servers have been overloaded by the demand of in-store pre-orders. Pre-orders might be closed because of this.

UPDATE 4: Gamestop's website is back up, but there are no Wave 4 listings.

UPDATE 5: All of Wave 4 is sold out at Gamestop in-store. There might be more available when they get listed online.

The final exclusive for this wave is Jigglypuff, who is exclusive to Target.  Jigglypuff was available for pre-order this morning on Target's website, but sold out in less than 5 minutes. Your best bet for this one is to go to your local Target as soon as it opens on May 29.

UPDATE 6: Jigglypuff might be restocked again on the website. It was restocked this evening, but sold out in 3 minutes, before I could even update this post. Keep checking here if you don't want to miss it.


The last tricky to get Amiibo will be the Squid in the Splatoon series. It will only be available in a 3-pack in North America, and Europe will only be able to get it through a bundle with the Splatoon game, similar to the Mario Party 10 bundle. Also, as Robin and Lucina are Fire Emblem characters, they will likely have shorter production than the other Amiibo, so try to order those first.

UPDATE 3: The Splatoon 3-pack is already sold out on Other Amazons have yet to open pre-orders for any Wave 4 Amiibo.

UPDATE 8: The Splatoon 3-pack is up for pre-order at Best Buy, as well as the individual Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl.

Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, and Wal-Mart do not have their wave 4 pre-orders up yet. Best-Buy put theirs up this morning, and all figures sold out in 7 minutes, so pick your favorite site and refresh it every few minutes to make sure you don't miss anything. I will update this post as more information comes out, so check this post often to keep yourself updated.

UPDATE 7b: Amazon's pre-orders will begin very soon!