Concept Art for Upcoming Mass Effect Game Possibly Revealed

During the “N7 Day” celebration on November 7, 2020, a number of team members and voice actors from the Mass Effect trilogy came together to give fans some very exciting news. The beloved space action role playing game series will be receiving a remastered “Legendary Edition.” This “Legendary Edition” will release sometime in 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S next-generation consoles, as well as PC and current generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The announcement also included a reveal that developer BioWare was working on the next Mass Effect game, although information was extremely limited. It is currently theorized that the game will star a new playable character, as Mass Effect 3 was considered to be “the conclusion of the Commander Shepard” saga.

Recently, a Tumblr user going by the name Felassen posted pictures of three images taken from the book BioWare: Secrets and Stories from 25 Years of Game Development, which was released early this month. These three images are labeled in the book as concept art for a future Mass Effect project.

Unfortunately, the images do not reveal much. One shows what appears to be a group of characters disembarking from a ship and exploring a new world. Another shows some strange architecture which has not been previously seen in the series, while a third features what looks to be an under construction version of a “Mass Relay,” a form of technology which allows for travel between galaxies.

The book does not contain much more information regarding the art. According to Felassen, it says “a veteran team is hard at work envisioning the next big Mass Effect game.”

The new Mass Effect game is likely a long way off, as only concept art has been revealed so far. Luckily, Mass Effect fans won’t have to wait nearly as long for the “Legendary Edition” debuting next year.

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