Deep Silver has revealed Agents of Mayhem from Saints Row creator

Don’t get your hopes us for a Saints Row 5 from Violation yet, despite perfect teasers in the previous game Deep Silver has revealed that the developers newest game is Agents of Mayhem. Interestingly their newest game Agents of Mayhem shares a whole lot in common with the Saints Row franchise, perhaps its a simple rebranding to appeal to a new audience.

In a trailer for the game we get to see a very colorful action experience all about heroes and villains, people have also noticed that there are many subtle references to the Saints Row franchise suggesting this could be more of a Saints Row game then the new name lets on. Either way the game looks to be exceptionally futuristic and I feel just from the trailer this could be more fun then Saints Row.

Agents of Mayhem is expected to arrive in 2017 though an official release date has yet to be confirmed, and you can watch the games announcement trailer below:

This game will be receiving even more information at E3 so watch out for that.

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