“Demon’s Souls” Will Feature Over 180 Help Videos On PlayStation 5

From Software’s action role playing game Demon’s Souls has a reputation as quite the difficult game – even the most skilled of players will struggle with the precise timing requirements, steep difficulty curve and harsh penalty for dying mid-level. One question fans have found themselves asking is whether the upcoming remake, which will serve as a launch title for the PlayStation 5 console, will retain that notorious difficulty. Now, a brief comment practically hidden within a much longer article may have given them their answer.

In a Washington Post piece discussing the PlayStation 5, lead system architect Mark Cerny highlighted a particular feature recently revealed as part of the console’s new and updated UI. Known as the “Activities UI,” this feature will allow players to access instructional videos and other helpful hints should they get stuck while playing a game. When the PlayStation 5’s UI was first revealed, the game used to show off the Activities UI was Sackboy: A Big Adventure. However, it seems that Demon’s Souls will also be making quite extensive use of this feature indeed.

Gavin Moore, the creative director of the Demon’s Souls remake, was interviewed alongside Cerny and was given the opportunity to discuss his upcoming game in the Washington Post article. He confirmed that the Demon’s Souls remake would be utilizing the Activities UI, and dropped a further piece of rather surprising information: there will be over 180 Demon’s Souls instructional videos accessible via the new feature.

It seems that Moore and the Demon’s Souls remake team are fully aware of their game’s difficulty level, and will be providing fans with plenty of helpful videos. While these hints and tips won’t make the game easier, they might make playing Demon’s Souls a somewhat less frustrating activity. We’ll have to find out when Demon’s Souls launches alongside the PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020.

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