With the impending release of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Lightfall, on 28th February, I thought I would compile a list of everything new this instalment will offer players. With only one more expansion set to release after Lightfall, the saga of the Light vs Dark will come to a close for Destiny. Despite that, the game is equally welcoming to both new and veteran players, even at this stage. Here is what to expect for the latest expansion:

New World
The new cyberpunk inspired world, Neomuna.

Like its predecessor The Witch Queen, Lightfall is another Destiny 2 expansion that introduces a whole new world. In this case, a city found on Neptune. Now that we have been made aware that The Last City is not in fact the actual last city, we are introduced to Neomuna. This metropolis home to surviving humans was built after the Collapse, and is defended by a race known as the Cloud Striders. With a cyberpunk feel to it, Neomuna appears more advanced in technology. The city boasts towering skyscrapers, neon colours shining in the twilight hours, and the creeping presence of our new enemies, the Shadow Legion.

New Allies
The defenders of Neomuna.

Lightfall introduces us to the Cloud Striders, citizens of Neomuna that have volunteered to exchange a long life in order to receive body enhancements courtesy of nanotechnology. With a life span shortened to approximately a decade, Cloud Striders are the direct opposite of our Guardians, who not only have immortality (provided their Ghost lives) but also did not choose to be Lightbearers. Although they differ from Guardians, their job is to also defend their city and their people against the Shadow Legion which would make them very powerful allies.

New Subclass
Strand abilities differ according to your class.

Until now, our guardians have been able to wield Solar, Void, and Arc subclasses, as well as the Stasis subclass that was introduced in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. In the world of Destiny, Stasis is what as known as a power that manifests from the Darkness, unlike its Solar, Void, and Arc counterparts, which were born from the Light. Now for Lightfall, we have access to another power taken from the Darkness – Strand. Strand already has a lot of science around it (and my brain is small) but to sum it up, it’s a psychic-based ability that allows our Guardians to create threads from reality and use them to our advantage. The exapnsion’s main trailer hinted at the ability to create grapple hooks, which will allow easier (and more fun) traversal through the new city.

New enemies
Anybody suddenly have a taste for spaghetti?

A whole new expansion means a whole new enemy; this time, they come in the form of Tormentors. These humanoid-like entities are soldiers of the Witness, and are seen wielding a scythe-like weapon that seems even more foreboding when carried by these 10ft tall creatures. Also armed with the ability to suppress Light-based abilities, the Tormentors are shaping up to be a very difficult foe to beat. Though we are not yet aware of all they’re capable of, it’s an easy bet that, as creations of the Witness, that they are capable of using the Darkness to their advantage. Put simply, Savathûn’s Lightbearers were a piece of cake compared to the Tormentors.

New Weapon
Auto rifle or grenade launcher? Why not both?

New to Destiny 2: Lightfall (or already accessible to you if you preorder Lightfall & the annual pass now) is the auto-rifle/grenade launcher, Quicksilver Storm. This exotic kinetic auto rifle also doubles as a grenade launcher, with homing micro-rockets that launch if you hit enough of your shots. What’s more, for each rocket that connects with your foes, the gun will also load a grenade into its barrel. Its design has the cybernetic feel that Lightfall is going for and, spoiler alert, it is very powerful.

What else?

Lightfall also offers the Legendary Campaign option that was introduced in Witch Queen. Players can choose to complete the campaign on normal difficulty, or go Legendary and make it a little more difficult in exchange for the chance of exotic items at the end. If players choose to attempt the Legendary campaign, they will be more than ready for the Raid that usually goes live soon after the DLC’s release.

Crucible will be making a return and will this time feature an entirely new map. We are unsure what this map is, but chances are it will be themed after the new city of Neomuna. With new Crucible maps being few and far between in Destiny 2, the chance of a new battleground to fight your fellow guardians is an exciting addition.

Destiny 2: Lightfall will also introduce a whole new way to team up for activities. Guardian Ranks will celebrate the game’s most adept players, showcasing them as people who will definitely be available to help out players new to the game. The game’s developers at Bungie say this will offer fans the chance to find a fireteam more easily, without having to rely on your friends being online when you are. Furthermore, commendations will now be a feature, allowing you to offer positive feedback to your fellow teammates.

Finally, you will now be able to create and save your loadouts, which will also keep your mods! What may seem like a small quality of life change is in fact a much needed one, as this allows players to switch between their subclass or activity loadouts without having to reattach all their mods.

What are you most looking forward to in Destiny 2: Lightfall? Let us know in the comments below! For more on all things Bungie and Destiny, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.

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