Devolver Digital Adventure Title Gunbrella Revealed

Is it a gun? Is it an umbrella? Nope – it’s both at once! This mysterious weapon, which empowers a mysterious woodsman to go on a quest for revenge, will debut in the upcoming game Gunbrella, from Gato Roboto developer Doinksoft and Serious Sam and My Friend Pedro publisher Devolver Digital. Gunbrella, alongside several other brand new indie titles, was announced for the Nintendo Switch during the May 11 Indie World event broadcast online.

Described as a “noir-punk adventure,” Gunbrella is a side-scrolling title starring a nameless woodsman, who resides in a world rapidly being stripped of all its natural resources. Armed with the titular Gunbrella, the woodsman must take down creepy cults, slick gangsters, and more. The player will be able to utilize the unique Gunbrella not just to fight, but also to slide down wires, swing between platforms and even glide through the air. Along the way, players must gather rare resources and scraps in order to upgrade the Gunbrella and take on even more challenging enemies and difficult levels.

In addition to combat, the game will feature bizarre characters to interact with, multiple lands to explore, and resources to manage in order to keep your Gunbrella in tip-top working order. Some have already begun comparing the game to another indie favorite, Shovel Knight, which also stars a hero who wields an unconventional weapon in battle.

Gunbrella, which is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2023, will be debuting for both PC and Nintendo Switch. It was one of several projects announced during the Indie World broadcast that features involvement from Devolver Digital in a publisher role. Other titles from Devolver appearing in the event include the action adventure game Cult of the Lamb and the card-themed puzzler Card Shark, a free demo of which is currently available to download via the Nintendo Switch eShop.


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