Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Wobbles Onto Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking for a game about controlling an elite army of the world’s most powerful warriors…well, this isn’t it. It’s something so much better! In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, an indie simulation strategy title from developer Landfall Games, players instead take control of armies of “Wobblers,” unique soldier units who move in a distinctly wobbly fashion. The game, which was released in 2019 for the Xbox One before later debuting for PC via both Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2021, will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch in summer 2022. It was revealed alongside a number of indie titles during Nintendo’s Indie World livestream broadcast on May 11.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – or TABS for short – combines the strategy of classic war games with a unique wobble-based physics engine, resulting in battles that may not be elegant or graceful to watch, but sure are hilarious. Players have access to over 100 different wobblers, including those hailing from ancient lands, spooky haunts, and far-off fantasy worlds, which they can use to create their army of either red or blue wobblers.

A unit creator also allows players to create their own wobblers with unique appearances and abilities, truly making each simulated battle something completely different from the one before. Local and online multiplayer options in the Switch version will allow players to test out their armies of wobblers against their friends, with up to four players able to compete at once.

Developer Landfall Games, which previously produced wacky indie titles including ClusterTruck, Square Brawl, and Stick Fight: The Game, received overwhelmingly positive reviews for the initial release of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Critics praised the game’s comedic tone and adorable art style as well as its unique physics engine. TABS is the studio’s second physics-based parody title, following Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, which poked fun at the battle royale genre and is currently available via Steam.

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