Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete “Sprouting A Story” Quest

The second quest in the “Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle,” now available for purchase in Disney Dreamlight Valley, involves helping the adorable robot restore a plant to life by reading it a story. This quest, which can only be unlocked by using Moonstones (Dreamlight Valley’s premium currency) to purchase the bundle, can be a bit tricky, as it involves finding 40 Storybook Pages scattered around the Valley. This guide will cover how to complete each step of the “Sprouting a Story” quest to help WALL-E restore his beloved plant to health in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Storybook Pages: Peaceful Meadow & Dazzle Beach


To start the “Sprouting a Story” quest, find the Ancient Storybook washed up on Dazzle Beach. The book can appear on any part of the Beach, so you may have to walk along it for a while until you find it. Bring the book to WALL-E and follow him to his house to learn that he wants you to read a story to his wilting plant. You can choose what the story is about, but picking that it is about a robot will lead to some particularly adorable reactions from WALL-E.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the storybook is missing most of its pages, so you can’t finish reading it. The first 10 pages can be found scattered around the Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach Biomes. The pages’ locations are random, so they will not be in the same place for every player. However, they do tend to show up near landmarks such as the ponds in the Peaceful Meadow or the bridge, dock, and cave entrances in Dazzle Beach.

Some of the pages will simply be lying on the ground and can be picked up normally. Others will be inside Night Thorns that need to be removed before you can pick up the pages. In addition, the pages spawn randomly, so you may not be able to pick up all of them in a single day. If you can’t find any more, give it a few hours of real time and then look again.

Once you have found all ten pages, return to WALL-E’S House and read the next part of the story to the plant. Unfortunately, another set of pages has gone missing, so you will have to head out on the hunt once more!

Storybook Pages: Glade of Trust & Forest of Valor


There are 18 Pages scattered around the Glade of Trust and the Forest of Valor biomes. As before, some are on the ground while others are trapped inside Night Thorns. Additionally, in the Forest of Valor, some of the pages will be inside blocks of ice that you need to break with your Royal Pickaxe.

After picking up the 18 pages, return to WALL-E’s House and continue reading the story. If you want to keep telling a story about WALL-E’s own adventure, choose “flower.” The plant is looking better, but the storybook is still missing its final set of pages, so there is one more scavenger hunt in your future!

Storybook Pages: Sunlit Plateau & Frosted Heights


The final 22 Pages are found in the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights biomes. (There are no pages in the Forgotten Lands.) Some pages are hidden inside Night Thorns, just like the previous two times. Others may be inside Villager’s Houses, particularly ones that are locked in place like Scar’s Elephant Graveyard in the Sunlit Plateau. In addition, like with the Forest of Valor, the Frosted Heights will have some Pages trapped inside blocks of ice. Break them open with your Royal Pickaxe to free the storybook pages inside!

Now, the story is at last complete. However, there’s bad news – return to WALL-E’s house to find that the plant has gone missing! Look around the house for clues and pick up the bottle lying on the ground. Talk to WALL-E to learn that the empty bottle contained Youth Tonic. Of course, this belongs to none other than a certain villain obsessed with eternal youth – Tangled’s Mother Gothel.

Return Of The Plant


Talk to Mother Gothel to learn that she became interested in the formerly withered plant because it became youthful and healthy once more. However, before she will give it back to you, the witch demands that you make her a replacement Youth Tonic. She requires the following ingredients:

  • Six Cucumbers, which can be grown from seeds or purchased directly from Goofy’s Stall in the Frosted Heights biome
  • Eight Seaweed, which can be caught in open water anywhere in the Valley (and sometimes harvested from Moana’s Boat)
  • Five Sunflowers, which can be picked from the Dazzle Beach biome

Once you have gathered up these ingredients, give them to Mother Gothel so she can make her replacement Youth Tonic. Then, return to WALL-E’s house one last time to find the plant back where it belongs. Finish reading the story to the plant. When given a multiple-choice question, select the answer “robots” if you want to tell a love story about WALL-E and his beloved EVE!

Now, with the story completed, the plant has been restored to full health once again. As thanks for your help, WALL-E will reward you with some Star Coins and a bundle of scavenged materials including Pebbles, Iron Ore, White Bell Flowers, and Pink & White Falling Pentstemons. You will also be able to proceed to the next task in the “Dapper WALL-E” quest line, “Matchmaking Magic.” Of course, make sure to check out GameLuster’s guide to this quest as well as many of the other quests available to complete and items available to craft and find in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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