DONTNOD Teases Upcoming Title Twin Mirror With Contest

DONTNOD, the studio behind the Life is Strange series and Vampyr, is teasing their upcoming title Twin Mirror with a web-based “experience” set in the new game’s town of Basswood, West Virginia, tasking players to deliver a missing cell phone to its rightful owner.

Twin Mirror marks DONTNOD’s first self-published title, working in cooperation with Monaco-based Shibuya Productions (Astroboy Reboot, Shenmue III). Described as a psychological thriller, players will take on the role of Sam Higgs, a former investigative reporter who’s come home to Basswood for his best friend’s funeral. But coming home means facing not only his family, but also the dark secrets only a small town can hold. Using his investigative skills, Sam must uncover the mysteries behind his hometown and its inhabitants, and risk losing his family in his search for the truth.

From now until November 30, players can go to the “Lost on Arrival” website and explore the scenario of trying to get the phone back to its owner. A seemingly simple task, but not by any means “easy.” Along the way, players will be introduced to some of the characters who will ultimately appear in Twin Mirror, as well as enjoying samples of the game’s soundtrack, concept art, and screenshots. Players who successfully reach the end of the experience will be entered to win a custom gaming PC built by Gigabyte with a custom case based off the main character’s “mind palace,” as well as twenty (yes, 20) pre-order keys for the game on the Epic Games Store (including the game’s original soundtrack). There’s no indication if multiple playthroughs are possible.

Twin Mirror is scheduled for a December 1 release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC exclusively through the Epic Games Store. The game is reportedly playable (via backwards compatibility) on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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