E-Line Games has announced major piece of downloadable content for Playstation 4 version of Never Alone

Never Alone is a great game and one I didn’t think they could improve on, though it does seem they are going to with even more story and puzzles as developer E-Line Games has announced that Never Alone will be seeing a major downloadable content expansion.

The new content will be titled Never Alone: Foxtales, and will feature three new levels inspired by the native Alaskan story The Two Coastal Brothers,’ by Willie Panik Goodwin, Sr.

At this time the additional content has only been announced for the Playstation 4 version of the game with a release date set for July 28th.

The new content was announced over on the Playstation Blog, and in its announcement reveals the game will feature new environments as well as even more complex and varied puzzles, you can also look forward to new abilities being added for the characters.

Foxtales is set around the waters and coasts of Northwest Alaska. To help Nuna and Fox in this new location, they will be able to row canoes and interact with spirits to change the flow of underwater currents.

Foxtales is currently exclusive to the Playstation 4, but in regards to the base game of Never Alone, E-Line Games have announced that Never Alone is on its way to the Playstation 3 and Vita.

Here is a trailer for Foxtales:

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