“Enshrouded” Announces Steam Early Access Date

Upcoming survival-action RPG Enshrouded has released a new trailer announcing their official start date for Steam Early Access.  The game, developed by Keen Games, will be available for players interested in Early Access on January 24, 2024.

A demo came out during the recent Steam Next Fest and captured the #1 slot for Most Played Demo, Most Wishlisted Game, and Most Daily Active Players (as of the end of Steam Next Fest).  The trailer has its tongue firmly in cheek, but shows off gameplay elements such as base building, exploration, and combat.

Enshrouded puts up to 16 players in the world of Embervale, a land consumed by a magical plague known as the Shroud.  Using a voxel-based building system, players will be able to create elaborate fortresses or deeply buried bunkers as they explore different biomes, looking for clues about how the disaster came about and how it might be undone.  NPCs can be recruited (provided the right structures are created) who can aid players by unlocking new options for base building as well as weapon and armor crafting.  Players will be able to develop their characters to fit their particular playstyle through a detailed skill tree system, whether they prefer up-close melee combat or ranged attacks.

Details on Enshrouded, including the system requirements, can be found on their Steam page.

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