Fall Guys Charity Auction Ends At $1,000,000, With Four Winners

The Fall Guys Twitter account has been busier than ever this past couple of weeks, following its announcement of a charity auction. This meant that anyone who pledged the most amount of money to the charity Special Effect would get to design their own skin to appear in the game.

This soon became a battle of the brands and internet personalities. G2 Esports and Aim Lab, as well as popular gaming streamer, Ninja, and YouTuber, Mr. Beast, fought for the top spot for two weeks — only to band together in the final two minutes. By combining their donations, they have pledged a total of $1,000,000 for the charity, in what the Fall Guys twitter described as “probably the spiciest team-up since The Avengers.”

The original intent of the auction was for a brand to advertise itself using a Fall Guys skin. Still, with four winners donating the money, it remains to be seen if developer Mediatonic will allow them all to have a skin each, or combine their ideas in a Frankenstein-esque mess of a cosmetic.

The one million dollar donation is going to UK based charity, Special Effect, which works with gamers with physical disabilities to ensure they can play the games they love. This includes face-to-face visits to offer gaming setups that suit their requirements.

Special Effect described the auction as “unbelievable” while adding, “your generosity will enable us to continue making gaming dreams come true for people with physical disabilities around the world!”.

Mediatonic is yet to reveal when the charity skin will make its way into Fall Guys. 

Food for Thought

After the dreaded “Apple vs. Epic” war has been rumbling on in both the court of law and public opinion, it’s an understatement to say that this story makes a nice change of pace. While, of course, these brands will be happy for the positive publicity, it’s heartwarming to know that this much energy was built up around helping gamers with disabilities play the titles they love.

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