Fall Guys Host Charity Auction For New Costume

Mediatonic is launching a charity competition to add one branded costume into Fall Guys. The studio have called the competition, “Battle Of The Brands,” with a very simple premise: all participants will need to respond to the developer’s announcement post, seen lower down, and enter an amount of money they’d be willing to donate to Special Effect, a UK based charity supporting gamers with physical disabilities.

The brand with the largest donation wins. Further on in the thread, Mediatonic said: “We will DM to confirm any boring legal paperwork, and then after they donate, we’ll post it publicly to confirm!”

The studio added: “If we decide that your brand is offensive/unsuitable, we will yeet your pledge out and pick the next highest!” 

At the time of writing, the highest bid is $130,003 from G2 Esports, who have requested a samurai costume for the game.

Elsewhere in Fall Guys, last week a new level – Jump Showdown was introduced. During the beta run of Fall Guys, Jump Showdown was well-received, cited as a fan-favorite by Mediatonic. The developer further teased that more levels were to come in the future, “along with new features and costumes.”

The patch notes paid particular attention to improving aspects such as messaging for matchmaking and server errors, fixes to physics, collisions in Block Party, and a fix for parties filled with too many requests. Additionally, Mediatonic has fixed the issue of the “Big Tease” achievement not unlocking in specific regions, player name issues, a Fall Mountain crown, and game controller models undetected on PC. 

Fall Guys will also set receive a crossover with Valve’s first-person multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2. Scout will become available via the in-game Steam store.

Fall Guys is out now, available on PlayStation 4 and Steam. For PlayStation Plus members, it is one of this months free games. To get involved with Special Effect, take a look at their website at the link here. 

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