Fall Guys Dev Are “Finalising Development” Of Console Versions

Mediatonic, the developers behind Fall Guys, have confirmed that they are “finalising” development of the long-awaited Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. Have no fear, because Mediatonic later adds that the console versions are on the way. Mediatonic first announced plans to bring Fall Guys to Xbox and Switch back in February 2021.

“We know that news regarding Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch and Xbox is highly anticipated.” Mediatonic announced in a mid-season blog post. “We’re finalising development, and though it isn’t within this update, it’s still coming! Until then, we’re super excited to enable this cross-platform functionality for our existing platforms as a first step.”

Mediatonic further revealed details of upcoming cross-platform lobbies. What this means, put simply, is that players and their friends can combine forces to play Fall Guys across multiple platforms, whether that be on Playstation or PC. Mediatonic confirm that players can now “party-up and enjoy any of our applicable playlists in Fall Guys—from Squads, to Duos, to Main Show and beyond.” By taking advantage of the game’s “Invite Players” functionality, Mediatonic confirm that players can play together, provided they’ve linked their Epic Accounts to Fall Guys.

The developers also shed light on an upcoming game mode called Sweet Thieves. The round is divided into two classes – Thieves and Guardians. The objectives are simple. Thieves are required to seek and steal candy pieces across a level, all the while Guardians hunt them down and send the Thieves to jail. Plus, there’s even a brand-new game mechanic unique to Sweet Thieves. “Exclusive to this mode, you’ll be able to make your Fall Guy walk, instead of run.” Mediatonic says.

Mediatonic further lists a range of fixes and improvements for Fall Guys, including a buff to Big Yeetus, general improvements to frame rates, visual issues with costumes, and elimination bugs. 

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