Fall Guys Tease New Update: Big Yeetus and Anti Cheatus

Screenshots from the forthcoming Fall Guys update have been released. The update has been given a name too, Big Yeetus and Anti Cheatus, referring to the introduction of a new hammer called, you guessed it, Big Yeetus, a new feature that adds itself at random to various levels of the jelly bean battle-royale. The update will also focus on in-game cheaters, a common problem in Fall Guys.

The screenshots give us a visual taster of the update. Firstly, there are the swinging ball obstacles in Dizzy Heights, located at a particular section of the game that I find frustratingly tricky to overcome, and the introduction of giant watermelons, dubbed as “The Watermelon Crew,” friends of Big Yeetus’. 

At the end of August, Season 2 of Fall Guys premiered during Gamescom Opening Night. Cosmetics follow a fantasy theme, allowing the jelly beans to be dressed up as either a knight, witch, or a dragon. Because, why not?

Then we come to the modes, which also follow a medieval theme similar to the cosmetics. Footage from the showcase sees the jelly beans working together with building blocks to scale a castle wall. There’s also a drawbridge level that involves jumping through hoops.

Recently, Playstation announced via Twitter that Fall Guys had also become the biggest-selling PlayStation Plus title of all time, with the game’s Twitter account surpassing more than 1 million followers and high viewership on Twitch.

On Steam, Fall Guys have sold more than 7 million copies. Most impressively, at the time this announcement was made, Mediatonic’s summer smash had been out for less than a month.

If you’re looking for more to read of the jelly bean variety, then check out GameLuster’s very own top ten list of pun-infused character skins. To get you started, there’s one called Jimmy Fallon Guy.

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