Fall Guys Will Have A Festive Winter Theme For Season 3

Mediatonic has announced the details for Season 3 of Fall Guys, with the help of 300 community members in a recent puzzle. Now that the puzzle has been completed, the official Twitter account confirmed that the third season will be called Fall Guys: Winter Knockout.

Along with a post thanking the community for their involvement, the artwork certainly has a wintry theme of its own, with penguins, a unicorn, snowflakes, and jelly beans in festive outfits.

Fall Guys: Winter Knockout, or as Mediatonic like to call it, “Fall Guys goes brrr”, hasn’t received a release date yet, but it will likely be around the time that you start to hear Christmas songs everywhere you go, and as is the way with previous seasons, will last into the beginning of January.

Right before the official announcement, Mediatonic also employed the efforts of the Fall Guys community to solve a Season 3 puzzle. The completed puzzle can be seen in the tweet below.

It was recently reported that Fall Guys would receive an Untitled Goose Game Costume, the titular character from House House’s puzzle game. The news was announced during a Twitch livestream from Mediatonic on November 10, which saw the streamers wearing Goose costumes. The costume went live in the game as part of the recent 2.5 mid-season patch.

Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4, while the current second season launched back on October 8. This second season came with updated customization options. An interface tab via the customizer menu allows players to choose a banner for their jelly bean and adorn nameplates with an icon and background, with examples ranging from pizzas, watermelons, crowns, and a pride flag.

Recently, a YouTube animator, TheJumiFilm, posted a stop-motion recreation of the iconic Door Dash race from Fall Guys. The twist is that everything is made from Lego. While It’s a small race with only six able to qualify, it captures the chaos of Door Dash.

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