Fall Guys Gets Untitled Goose Game Costume

It’s a lovely Friday the 13th in November 2020, and you are a horrible jelly bean.

That’s right – the adorable bean-shaped protagonists of chaotic multiplayer game show inspired battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout can now dress up as the Horrible Goose, the titular protagonist from House House’s indie classic Untitled Goose Game. This seems like a match made in gaming Heaven – the Goose’s goal is to wreak havoc among the inhabitants of the village where they live, while Fall Guys are similarly chaotic tricksters who benefit from knocking their opponents into various oversized obstacles in order to become the last bean standing.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic revealed the new costume during a Twitch stream on Tuesday, November 10 – all while the team members were wearing real life goose costumes to celebrate. It sure looks like they had a honking good time! A further update announced that two more Untitled Goose Game costumes, featuring the human characters Gardener and Boy Wearing Glasses, will be added to Fall Guys at a later date.

Unfortunately, like other costumes in the game, the goose suit is purely cosmetic, and does not grant your bean the ability to honk loudly and annoy your fellow players. However, Mediatonic clearly anticipated fans’ desires, as the update comes with a brand new “Honk” emote which DOES feature the beloved sound effect!

The goose costume will be added to the game today as part of the free “2.5” mid-season update. Also coming to Fall Guys today are a new fan-themed playable level (appropriately titled “Big Fans”), a smaller version of the hammer obstacle called “Lil Yeety,” new obstacles added to existing Rounds including rolling fruit, swinging scythes, and “Thicc Bonkus” the spiked roller, and various bug fixes and improvements based on player feedback.

Obtain your goose costume by heading to the in-game store and purchasing it for ten crowns – five for the Goose Head and five for the Goose Butt. The upcoming Boy and Gardener costumes will likely also be available through the shop at the same price.

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