Famitsu: Hogwarts Legacy Holds, Wild Hearts Debuts And PS5 Sells Big

Every Thursday we share the weekly Famitsu sales charts, which tracks physical boxed game sales and hardware sales in Japan. This week’s chart covers Feb. 13 – 19, and it’s been another good week for PlayStation. After last week’s impressive 93,000 console sales, the PlayStation 5 managed to once again sell big with over 88,000 PS5s sold in Japan. In terms of year-to-date numbers, the PS5’s 509,000 is beginning to close the gap with the Nintendo Switch’s 587,000 units sold. After a long time dominating the sales charts, the Switch may finally start to fall in its sixth year on the market.

Over on the software chart, Hogwarts Legacy has an impressive hold. Selling almost 37,000 copies on PS5, it falls just 45% in its second week. The PS5 makes another appearance at #2, with EA’s Wild Hearts debuting to just shy of 27,000 sales. We’ll know exactly how the game is performing next week when we see that all-important second week drop, but for now the results are inconclusive. Sony gets a third and final place at #8 on the chart, as Tales of Symphonia Remastered on PS4 shifts 7,000 units, far below the Switch version’s near-22,000 copies, bagging it the #4 spot on this week’s chart. 

hogwarts legacy glowing wand olivanders
Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t lost its magic, holding Famitsu’s top spot for a second week.

Here’s the full Famitsu gaming sales chart for Feb. 13 – 19. Missed last week’s chart where the PS5 dominated? Check it out right here

  1. Hogwarts Legacy (PS5): 36,958 weekly (104,154 total)
  2. Wild Hearts (PS5): 26,905 weekly (debut)
  3. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (Switch): 23,593 weekly (4,860,103 total)
  4. Tales of Symphonia Remastered (Switch): 21,860 weekly (debut)
  5. Splatoon 3 (Switch): 12,958 weekly (3,889,142 total)
  6. Theatrhythm Final Bar Line (Switch): 11,565 weekly (debut)
  7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch): 9,227 weekly (5,163,206 total)
  8. Tales of Symphonia Remastered (PS4): 7,503 weekly (debut)
  9. Minecraft (Switch): 6,573 weekly (3,046,881 total)
  10. Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch): 5,773 weekly (1,007,103 total)

Did you pick up any new gaming releases this week? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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