Final Fantasy 16: How To Find & Defeat Atlas

The Breaker of Worlds Notorious Mark is the first S-Rank hunt you can unlock after completing the Out of the Shadow main quest in Final Fantasy 16. According to the Hunt Board’s poster, the Cursebreakers discovered a Fallen giant in the Rosarian Ruins, and they have since halted all of their investigations until Cid gives his permission. Like other Notorious Marks, the game does not explicitly tell you Atlas’s location, and you must discover this monster yourself. Since there are numerous Fallen ruins in Valisthea, we have made this guide to help you locate the Breaker of Worlds quickly!

Final Fantasy 16 Breaker Of Worlds Hunt Guide

Final Fantasy 16 Atlas Location

Atlas is located in the secluded Fallen ruins in Cressida in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. You can reach this location by teleporting to the Eastpool Obelisk and passing through The Broken Hilt and Greensheaves until you enter the abandoned village of Cressida.

The Breaker of Worlds Notorious Mark is a level 45 monster you’ll likely face during the end game. It is basically a beefed-up version of the Severian, and you won’t be able to beat it without good preparation.

I highly recommend upgrading your potions and tonics since the boss can hit like a truck. I still got beat up quite a bit despite facing Atlas with two party members and on level 42.

If you’re not good at dodging, I recommend bringing Titan into this battle. The Titanic Block can stop most of the boss’s attacks, giving you more opportunities to stay close to Atlas and attack him.

Final Fantasy 16 Atlas Golden Section

Although most of the Breaker of Worlds’ melee moves are slow, the boss can perform Golden Section and Saber Dance special attacks. Atlas will summon a ridiculously massive magic sword that can cover almost half of the arena. Luckily, you can either evade oncoming attacks or block them with Titanic Block.

Another move you want to be careful of is the Celestial Sphere, where the boss will summon energy projectiles from the sky. Although you can easily evade the oncoming projectiles, you must also be wary of the melee attacks from Atlas.

Defeating the Breaker of Worlds will give you 15,000 XP, 120 Ability Points, 20,000 Gil, and 50 Renown. You will also receive one piece of Fallen Iron and an Orichalcum. The former is one of the required materials to craft a sword called the Defender, while the latter can be used to make the best gear in the game, such as the Gotterdammerung.

That is the end of our guide on finding and locating the Breaker of Worlds Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16. If you need more Orichalcums, I suggest hunting the Gorgimera beast, which you can unlock after completing the Across the Narrow main quest.

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