Final Fantasy 16: How To Find & Defeat Bygul

Bygul is an A-Rank Notorious Mark players can face after completing the Brotherhood main quest in Final Fantasy 16. The poster on the Hunt Board describes the Coeurl as a sadistic monster that takes joy in hunting survivors in the fallen Kingdom of Waloed. Since the game only mentions that you can encounter this boss in the Ash continent, we have made this guide to help you locate and beat this dangerous creature!

Final Fantasy 16 Bygul Hunt Guide

Final Fantasy 16 Bygul Location

Bygul has made a home at the Kritten Hollow in the Kingdom of Waloed. You can easily reach this area by teleporting to the Ravenwit Walls Obelisk and heading northeast.

Bygul is a level 40 opponent who loves throwing lightning attacks at you. Like other cat monsters, it has a fast speed that forces you to be quick on your feet. You want to be patient and focus on evading, or you will receive damage from the boss’s lightning-quick attacks.

Besides the usual claws and leap attacks, Bygul can perform Static Torrent, which summons a barrage of lightning strikes from the sky. Apart from avoiding the casting spots, you must keep your eyes on the Coeurl since it won’t stop trying to maul you to death.

Another dangerous move is Whipcrack, where the boss uses its long whiskers to lash you. If you manage to get behind Bygul when it is performing this move, you can get some free hits while the monster attacks empty air.

Final Fantasy 16 Bygul Wild Charge

The final deadly move Bygul can use is Wild Charge, where the Coeurl will begin glowing to unleash a chain of lunge and projectile attacks. You want to focus on evading while the boss is in this state since the creature won’t give you any breathing room. Luckily, there will be an opening after the monster’s combo ends, and you can safely approach the Coeurl to land some hits.

Defeating Bygul will give you 8,000 XP, 100 Ability Points, 16,000 Gil, and 35 Renown. You will also obtain one piece of Meteorite and one Coeurl Whisker. The latter is a material you need to craft the Hunter’s Waistcloth at the blacksmith.

That’s the end of our guide on finding and defeating Bygul in Final Fantasy 16. I highly recommend hunting other Notorious Marks on the Hunt Board since you can get rare materials, such as the Orichalcums, to craft powerful gear.

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