The Xbox 360 released in Nov of 2005, so it is already going to go with 8 years with no successor yet released.  Fortunately, that is all going to change because Microsoft will be having a conference on May 21. Microsoft will be the last of the Big 3 to be revealing their Next Generation console offering. With the Wii U almost a half year old and the PS4 which got announced this February, it is now up to Microsoft to show what they have come up this time.  Yet, was it wise for Microsoft  to hold out to be the very last one who announce their new console. When watching E3 , Sony used to be the very last one to have their conference after Micrsoft and Nintendo, and by then most of the thunder was stolen by Microsoft. Sony then decided to bump their E3 conference on the same day when Microsoft will do their conference, leaving Nintendo to be last (this year Nintendo won’t have E3 conference).

So was it wise for Microsoft to allow Sony giving him more time to spread the news of the PS4? Now that the PS4 has been announced and a good portion has been unveiled such as components, there is no more need for speculation. Sometimes speculation can be good for you, but Microsoft has been getting some terrible speculation. The negativity towards the new Xbox has been so high is crazy. One that stands out the most to me is that new Xbox will be required to be online all the time. It doesn’t seem to hold much water but it has giving it a lot of bad press.

Another big one was that even PS4 was believed to have, and that is not being able to play used games. Any company who think is wise to do something like is just shooting themselves in the foot. The video game industry thrives alot with the used market more than any other form of entertainment. The reason being is that Video Games have a much higher entry level price , than say music or movies.

But May21st is already going to be here and we shall see how Microsoft fares with its XboxReveal


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