GTA Online’s Gooch Is A Festive Fiend On A Crime Spree

The festive season in GTA Online includes a new threat to Los Santos, a monster called the Gooch. To add some context, the Gooch mugs online players at random, stealing their weapons, money and other items. Plus, they are harder to kill than your standard AI opponents, as evidenced by one Youtube clip shared to the GTA Series Videos channel. The Gooch monster attacks a player before fleeing the scene. The player runs them down in a supercar three times, and the Gooch recovers on each occasion.

Described as Rockstar’s interpretation of Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, if the creature is killed, it will drop a present containing the Gooch mask. Additionally, those successful in killing the Gooch will receive an additional $25,000 in GTA currency and snacks. The Gooch, it is understood, can spawn into any type of session, including public matches and invite-only, provided a minimum of two players are present at one time.

Players must not be involved in a mission or inside and will be required to have money either on them or tucked away in the bank. Plus, they must be within an accessible area on the Los Santos map. To make it easier for the Gooch, obviously. So it’d be best to stock up at your local Ammunation, practice driving supercars in the snow, keep your wits about you and prepare for an encounter with this festive fiend.

For all future updates on the Grand Theft Auto franchise and more, stay tuned right here at GameLuster. Last month, it was reported that GTA 6 could launch in 2024, according to Microsoft.

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