Halo: Reach Trick Jumpers Land “Impossible” Jump – After 10 Years!

Since the game’s release in 2010, the Halo: Reach “trick jumping” community has achieved many feats previously thought to be impossible. They’ve broken the boundaries of each level, launched themselves high in the sky and deep underground, and even managed to insert themselves into cutscenes. Now, in 2020, these creative gamers have added yet another accomplishment to the list — one previously believed to be impossible.

The mission? Stand atop a statue of the franchise’s most iconic character, Master Chief, located in the background of the game’s final level.

The challenge? The final level is notoriously bereft of resources that trick jumpers can use to help in their endeavors. As it represents the last stand of player character Noble Six, it features no checkpoints, no respawns, and minimal ammo. Players had to get more creative than ever before to achieve their goals.

The fearless jumpers who dedicated themselves to the task are ultra-determined trick jumping group Termacious Trickocity, who is known for devoting years to nailing the trickiest of stunts.

Termacious Trickocity member Aaron Sekela spoke to Polygon about the team’s efforts to achieve the impossible. “The constant barrage of bullets, needles, and plasma coming from the endless waves of enemies made each setup that much more difficult,” he explained.

For years — ten of them, to be precise — the group tried method after method to reach their goal. While they managed to break outside the boundaries of the level, and even land atop the ship Lone Phantom, another piece of out-of-bounds scenery. However, Master Chief remained frustratingly just out of reach.

The jump required exact calculations to get the timing exactly right, Sekala stated. While the level is quite lenient when it comes to fall damage, allowing players to fall from a great height without perishing, trick jumpers had to find the perfect location to launch from even to have a chance of reaching Master Chief.

On March 25, Termacious Trickocity finally accomplished the stunt. Working together, they pulled items outside of the level, hitched rides on various ships, launched themselves with grenades, and even died a time or two. After nearly ten minutes of carefully planned maneuvering, it was done: a player, at last, stood atop the statue of Master Chief.

Watch Tenacious Trickocity’s amazing accomplishment here:

Now that they’ve successfully conquered Master Chief, what’s next for the daring trick jumpers? “With the completion of this challenge, that leaves two major challenges left in Halo: Reach,” Sekala revealed. What precisely those challenges are; however, he did not say. We’ll just have to keep an eye and an ear out for more exciting Termacious Trickocity news in the future!

What stunts would you like to see the group attempt next? Let us know!

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