Star-Studded Heist Game Crime Boss: Rockay City Coming in 2023

2022’s edition of the annual Game Awards event was a good one for new IP announcements. Games debuting during the event included comic-inspired Hellboy Web of Wyrd, Silent Hill-esque horror title Post Trauma, Judas, which reminded viewers heavily of the BioShock series, and many more. One announcement that drew a great deal of attention was Crime Boss: Rockay City, a heist-focused game from Czech-based independent developer Ingame Studios.

Crime Boss is particularly notable for its voice cast, which includes a number of major Hollywood names – many of whom also provided motion-capture for the game, allowing the flashy heist title to use their likenesses as well. Some of the actors set to appear in the 2023 title include Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill’s Michael Madson, Machete star Danny Trejo, rapper Vanilla Ice, and action icon Chuck Norris. Norris, who appeared at the very end of the trailer, is playing an unnamed character who may in fact be the actor himself.

The aesthetics of Crime Boss: Rockay City immediately put fans in mind of the Grand Theft Auto and Payday series. The titular Rockay City seems to be inspired by 1990s Miami, and gameplay will focus on carrying out a series of action-heavy heists with plenty of cinematic style and flair. Crime Boss is the first major title from Ingame Studios, but the developer’s staff includes a number of industry veterans, including people who formerly worked on the Kingdom Come and Mafia series.

Currently, Crime Boss: Rockay City is scheduled to release on March 28, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Epic Games has obtained exclusive rights to release the title for PC via its Epic Games Store. Currently, a pre-order discount for the title is available via the Epic Games Store, and is scheduled to run through December 12.

The Game Awards event was packed with exciting announcements. In addition to Rockay City and the other new IPs announced, viewers were treated to a sneak peek of Hades 2, new gameplay footage of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and new playable characters for Street Fighter 6. Check out GameLuster’s other Game Awards coverage to learn even more about everything announced during the event!

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