Here’s Exactly What’s Included In Every Version Of Modern Warfare 3

We’ll finally have our hands on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III this November, but there’s quite a few versions of the game available to purchase. As well as the standard and Vault editions, there’s also cross-gen editions as well as platform exclusive benefits. We’re going to break down what’s included in each edition, so you can confidently purchase the one most suited for you!

To start, there’s the standard edition of Modern Warfare III. Pre-ordering this version will provide players with the full game at launch, as well as early access to the open beta, early access to the campaign, and the Soap Operator pack (which can be redeemed in Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare III or Warzone). This is the default version of the game and is what you can expect for the $70 MSRP, but it does go a little deeper than that.

The standard physical editions of the game on PS4 or Xbox platforms are labeled with the ‘cross-gen edition‘ tag. This is because the PS4 physical copy will also work on PS5, and the Xbox edition will work on either Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. The PS5 standard physical copy does not include this label, because unlike with the Xbox platform’s Smart Delivery, you cannot use a PS5 disc in a PS4.

Modern Warfare III Nemesis Operator Pack
The Nemesis Operator pack will only be available in the Vault editions of the game.

Then there’s the Vault edition, for the most hardcore Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III fans. This version is only available digitally, and provides the same inclusions as the standard edition detailed above, as well as the Nemesis Operator pack with four playable Operators, two weapon vaults to be revealed at a later date, as well as the BlackCell Season Battle Pass with an additional 30 bonus tier skips. PlayStation users get extra content from any version of the game, with the Vault editions featuring an additional 5 Battle Pass tier skips on PlayStation, and all PlayStation editions having extra early access to the open beta.

We hope that cleared up any confusion around what you’ll get with Modern Warfare III on your platform of choice. Let us know if you have any lingering questions down below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more breaking Call of Duty news.

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