Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete “Strut Your Stuff” Quest

The final quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle” sees WALL-E continuing to pay tribute to the classic musical Hello, Dolly! by hosting a dance party for the Villagers to attend. But WALL-E will need your help to invite the right Villagers, decorate the dance floor, and celebrate together with him! This guide will walk you through every step of the “Strut Your Stuff” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley to have fun with WALL-E and earn a stylish new suit, dress and hat for your character to wear.

Inviting Woody – A Rocky Task


Talk to WALL-E and he will reveal his desire to host a dance party for the Dreamlight Valley residents to attend. First, the two Villagers he wants to invite are Mirabel from Encanto and Woody from Toy Story. However, when you talk to Woody, he reveals that he is completing some tasks for Buzz Lightyear and will not be able to attend unless you can step in and help him out.

Woody needs you to mine all six Rock Spots in the Forest of Valor. You can do this by fully breaking each spot with your Royal Pickaxe. However, some of the rock spots have become clogged with Night Thorns, which you must clear out before you can break the rocks apart. Once you have cleared all six rocks, return to Woody. Talk to him, and the cowboy will happily agree to attend WALL-E’s party.

Inviting Mirabel – The Sunbird Will Come Out Tomorrow


Mirabel would also love to attend, but she is working on a secret project and needs your help to finish it. She will ask you to gather the following ingredients:

  • 10 Fabric – One piece of fabric is made from 5 Cotton, which can be grown from seeds purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Sunlit Plateau. Fabric is also sometimes sold at Kristoff’s Stall.
  • 5 Emeralds- Mined from rock spots in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust
  • 12 Sunbird Feathers


Sunbird Feathers are a new item that only appear while this quest is active. They will appear on the ground anywhere in the Sunlit Plateau, and can be recognized by their sparkle and bright yellow color. Between 3 and 5 Sunbird Feathers tend to spawn at once, and more will spawn every few hours. Because of this, it may take you several hours or days to collect all the Sunbird Feathers that Mirabel needs.

Once you have all the requested items, bring them back to Mirabel. She will not reveal to you what her secret project is, but she will agree to come to WALL-E’s party.

Inviting Goofy – Picture Perfect


Return to WALL-E to find out that he wants to invite one more Valley resident to the party: Goofy. However, when you go talk to Goofy, you will find that he is feeling somewhat down, and is unsure if he can bring his usual “spark” and energy to the planned party. You can cheer up this classic character by taking pictures of things around Dreamlight Valley to show him all the things he loves about living there.

You need to take a picture of each of the following items, but it does NOT have to be four separate pictures! If you position things right, you can capture all of the requirements in just one picture. Goofy will accept your pictures no matter whether you show him one, two, or four separate ones for each item!

Goofy wants photographs of:


  • One Villager (other than Goofy himself)
  • One Fruit Tree (Lemon, Apple, or Coconut – bushes DO NOT count!)
  • One House
  • One Animal Companion

After you have taken the pictures and shown him to Goofy, he will regain his energy and happily agree to attend the party. Go back and tell WALL-E the good news!

The Final Step: Now That We’re Dancing…


The last step is to set up an area to have the party. The area WALL-E wants to host the party is the Forest of Valor biome. In the area of your choice in the Forest, set up the following items:

  • 36 squares of any kind of Pathway
  • 4 Lights
  • 6 pieces of Traditional Decor

You can turn on the “Quest” filter in your furniture menu to see which items qualify for these three categories. If you do not have enough items, you can craft several types of Pathways and Lighting at any Crafting Station or order various Lights or Decor items from Scrooge’s Store.

Once you have set up the party area, talk to WALL-E one last time. He will hand over the secret project Mirabel was making: a stylish suit, a dapper dress, and two hats for you to wear! Put on one of the outfits and either hat so that you are properly dressed to attend the party. Then, for your very last step, put the Phonograph WALL-E gives you in the party area. The guests will all arrive and show off their best dance moves, so make sure to take a picture to preserve the good memories!


This is the final quest included in the “Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle” in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Currently, the developers have not yet revealed if there will be any more quests added via paid Dream Bundles in the future, but it seems likely. In the meanwhile, you can check out GameLuster’s many other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides to learn how to heal the Valley from the Forgetting, welcome new resident Vanellope von Schweetz, and much more!

What did you think of the Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle and its included quests? How did you decorate the party area during the “Strut Your Stuff” quest? Comment below and let us know – and feel free to show off pictures of your parties or your fashionable new Hello, Dolly! inspired dapper clothing!

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