Hitman Go coming to Playstation platforms

Square Enix found success when it spun off its standard Hitman franchise and developed a stealth strategy game for mobile devices,  the game was a runaway success and has achieved much love and acclaim since the game made its debut on Apple’s devices back in 2014. Since then the game has gone to be well respected on Android devices and PC, and soon Sony’s platforms will breath new life into the game. Square Enix has announced the game is set to make its way to the Playstation 4 and Vita sometime in the near future.

‘Evolving the legendary stealth franchise from a third-person console action game to a turn-based strategy game for mobile was a unique endeavor but one that has resulted in global praise…’ said Patrick Naud, Head of Studio at Square Enix Montréal. ‘…expanding the audience by bringing the game to Sony’s premier devices was an ideal opportunity and we know the game will continue its growth on these platforms.’

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