How Many People Play CS:GO

CS:GO is one of the most exciting shooters that has kept players’ interest at a high level for many years. For many, information about the number of players in CS:GO is of genuine interest; for some, such information is important for analysis. However, there may be several answers to this question, since you can count the number of players registered in CS GO, the number of players online in a certain period, as well as the share of players depending on the country. In this article written by k1nd3r you will find out the answers to these questions. You can also check each player’s information using Profiler’s Steam ID checker.

Number of CS:GO Players Online Right Now


We will immediately make the necessary clarification. It is impossible to find out information about the number of players enthusiastically shooting at each other on game servers in real-time. The reason is that the data arrives with a delay. Information is usually updated in the range of 20 minutes to 2 hours, sometimes longer. And while there are a lot of sites that provide such information, you can’t be sure of their legitimacy as they are not official sources.

So, is there no way to find out the number of players currently playing CS:GO? Technically, yes, but there is still some info, like an average number of players, gathered by Statista. From their figures, you can expect at least 700,000-800,000 playing with you at any time. During the major tournaments or some other events, like huge updates, an online can even reach a stunning 2 M players.

Peak Value of CS:GO Players Online


In May-June 2023, there was a stir in CS GO as players gained access to Counter Strike 2. Therefore, it is not surprising that in May 2023, the server traffic record was updated several times, which had not previously been observed. People played CS GO more and more actively. In May, the peak number reached 1,802,853 players, which is 74,611.1 players more than in April 2023.

Interestingly, the growth in the number of players began in February and March 2023 amid rumors about the release of Counter-Strike 2 and the organization of the last CS:GO major in Paris in May 2023.

On March 25 and 26, 2023, a huge number of CS:GO players connected to the servers. They wanted to receive an invitation from Valve to the beta version. So 1,519,457 players on Sunday, March 26, 2023, apparently wanted to see the coveted invitation and, without knowing it, set one of the records for the number of players simultaneously in the game.

How Many People Play CS:GO By Country


Let’s start with the total number of players ever registered in Counter-Strike and indicating their country of residence:

  • Russia. 11.65% of the total number of gamers. This is the largest community of players.
  • USA 10.65% players, second largest community. By the way, the representation of all other countries does not reach 6%.
  • Poland. 5.32%. Yes, it’s not for nothing that a major tournament is held there every year in Katowice.
  • Brazil. 4.87%. Danger from Brazilian players can be expected on CS GO servers.
  • Germany. 4.55% of the total number of people playing CS GO are from this country.

Now we will tell you interesting statistics on the number of players per 1 million inhabitants of their home country. Denmark has no competition here with 78,892 players. Now, we think you understand why the powerful Astralis team was booming a few years ago. Estonia is in second place with 77,260 players (by the way, Helvijs “broky” Saukants and Robin “ropz” Kool who play for the Faze Clan team are from Estonia), and Finland is in third place with 76,873 players.

How Many People Play CS:GO By The Total Number

Officially, according to data from Steam, Counter-Strike was installed by more than 50 million people, but less than 100 million people. This number takes into account both those people who purchased the game for money and people who received it as a gift from other users.

According to statistics, not every gamer who installed CS GO logged into it at least once. Approximately 5% of the total number of gamers have never launched Counter-Strike.

At the same time, a relatively small part of people play CS GO often and a lot. Active players play an average of 12 hours and 16 minutes in 2 weeks. The median time over 2 weeks (if every registered player logged into the server) is 3 hours 34 minutes.

In addition, Counter-Strike takes the leading place among online games in terms of the total number of hours played (607,771,927) and by a large margin, 2 times, overtakes Dota 2, which occupies 2nd place, in this indicator.

Interesting Facts About CS:GO Players

If you are a dedicated CS:GO player or your journey into CS:GO is just beginning, then you will probably be interested in learning about some facts about people who play CS:GO.

We think it won’t surprise you that CS:GO is a predominantly male game, which is typical for any shooter. The male audience of the game is 78%, respectively, girls get the remaining 22%.

By age, the largest group is young people from 19 to 34 years old. This is 50% of all players. Moreover, the average age of the gaming community is 27.1 years.

Why do people play CS:GO, what is their motivation? 13% of gamers are simply bored, 23% value activities that require teamwork, 35% of gamers feel that the game will help them improve their skills, and finally, 21% of gamers want fame and recognition.

CS:GO first reached a record of 1 million players simultaneously online in March 2020, which was greatly facilitated by the COVID-19 epidemic and the introduced quarantine measures, when people were locked in their homes and forced to invent all sorts of entertainment for themselves. The maximum increase in the number of gamers within one month occurred in August 2012 – 1,559.43%.

Wrapping It Up

CS:GO has a huge community of passionate players with whom you can communicate, play and share knowledge. You can use Profilerr’s Steam ID checker to find out more about new people you know and create your team. You can take advantage of the site at any time convenient for you, wherever you are, in Toronto (Canada) or Houston (Texas, USA).

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