How To Find Leatherface’s House In Warzone

A Warzone player has provided a short guide on how to find Leatherface’s house on the map, and then decides to explore the house for themselves. Youtuber The Legendary Borac located the chainsaw-wielding psychopath’s residence on the east side of the Krovnik Farmland. Through an attic window, Borac spots a blue spectral image of Leatherface looking at him. 

Unperturbed by the apparition, Borac enters the house. With a weapon at the ready, this brave soul tracks through the house to discover blood and body parts on the dining table, the fridge, and kitchen countertops, before hearing the chilling and unmistakeable electric whine of a chainsaw from upstairs. In the attic, two identical blue shapes of Leatherface appear, blocking the two exits.

Needless to say, like many of us, Borac makes a hasty run for it and leaves the house alone, as it rightly should be. You can watch the full clip if you’ve yet to track down the property for yourself. Then again, do you want to?

With Halloween little more than a week away, Warzone is gearing up for the spooky festivities in style. Two exclusive bundles following a Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw themes were released as Warzone’s The Haunting of Verdansk kicked off on October 20. From a new “Trick or Treat” reward system to Zombie Royale, and pumpkin-headed operators, things are certainly going dark in Verdansk.

Last week, console players have begun switching off crossplay in the Black Ops Cold War beta, to steer clear of cheaters. Cheating is a huge issue within Call Of Duty, which recently forced Activision to ban over 200,000 players across both Modern Warfare & Warzone’s platforms.

Redditor madzuk posted onto the Black Ops Cold War subreddit a player using an aimbot to take out targets with ease, describing it as the most “blatant and ridiculous aim hack” the Redditor had ever seen.

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