How to Keep Your PC Cool While Gaming [Sponsored Post]

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If you are an avid gamer, then you may have faced the challenge of an over-heated system. Like most things with computers, you are better off preventing such a problem than resolving it. After all, nobody wants to have their favorite games interrupted by complications from poor ventilation in the PC. The system components may also get damaged if you consistently play games on computers with poor ventilation.

Fortunately, there is a large number of ways to cool down a PC. Some of these techniques may work better for your PC than the others. Nonetheless, you are better off trying them to keep your PC cool while gaming for hours.

Clean Your PC


The easiest and most reliable way to immediately improve the ventilation inside your PC is to give it a thorough clean. You would be surprised by how easily the insides of your computer can gather dust. To effectively clean out your PC, all you will need is a can of compressed air and a rag for dusting. A dust buster could work too. While cleaning, you should locate the cooling fans in your CPU and rid the area of dust that accumulate naturally as fans draw in air. A dusty fan could also be the source of unwanted noise. If your PC has removable dust filters, then wipe them to get rid of the trapped dust. The can of compressed air or dust buster could be used to remove dust from the CPU heatsink and other components like the GPU. It is in the best interest of you to thoroughly clean by someone who has a better knowledge of how the parts fit and work. You can learn about them before getting busy. Also, ensure that you wipe gently to prevent the components from getting damaged.

Upgrade Your PC Cooling

After cleaning, it is still possible that your system can experience poor ventilation while you play games. At this point, you should consider buying a few items to help keep your PC cool. The components that generate heat the fastest are your CPU and GPU, the stock coolers supplied by the manufacturer will do a great job of cooling them, however, gaming can require that the heat generated by these parts gets dispersed even faster than regular.

You can get CPU and GPU coolers that increase the surface area for heat to get released. In turn, your fan will not need to work as hard to keep your PC cool while you game.

Improve Your PC Airflow

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One reliable way to cool down your PC for gaming is to increase its airflow. This means that you need to invest in some items that actively improve your PC cooling. For instance, you may need to get a decent fan to keep the system cool efficiently. You should avoid going for the cheaper option when it comes to purchasing the fans that are best-suited to your PC.

You should also consider the path that air takes in and out of the PC, this generally depends on the type of casing. Ideally, a tower case would have airflow that cools down the parts in one direction. On the other hand, horizontal cases are designed to have airflow into the PC from two directions since it typically places one fan at each end. Regardless, you can induce positive air pressure by introducing more fans.

Also, it is in your best interest to consider all these options to decide on a cooling solution that also minimizes noise while you game on your PC.

In improving your PC airflow, the size of the fan is also worth considering. If the fan requires extra mounting holes on your computer, then you may be able to install a relatively larger fan which means more air at lower speeds. Also, you can check your motherboard settings to see the speed that your fans are running.

You can get more air by having the fan(s) at maximum speed all the time, but you will be incurring noise. You can install a separate fan controller if you are using several fans for cooling your PC. Dust filters are great add-ons because they restrict the amount of dust that gets into the system which increases the PC’s airflow.

Check Everything Else

If you are still not satisfied with your PC airflow, then you can run general diagnostics on the computer. Your hard drives may be the culprit in the excess generated heat from the system. Also, make sure to power the supply unit and ensure it is at the recommended rating for your PC.

In sum, these tips are sure to come in handy. You can utilize all or some of these tips to increase your PC ventilation, which ultimately makes your gaming experience much smoother and efficient.

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