How to Write an Assignment and Play Games at the Same Time [Sponsored Post]

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Today, games are an integral part of a student’s academic routine. Learners play them everywhere: from school passages to busses and houses. Of course, as a parent, you can pose an ultimatum and forbid your kiddo to play games until homework is done. However, it is an outdated perception, mainly because parents mistakenly think that games are the primary source of students’ ineffective learning. Indeed, playing for hours can result in negative consequences in college. Those who are swallowed by games don’t have much choice than to write, “do my coding assignment, please,” and Getcodinghelp on time.

But if one approaches the gaming process wisely, not only can they progress through the academic year, but they can also deal with the majority of assignments while playing games at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at how games help study and review several tips to play games and write an assignment simultaneously.

Gamification: An excellent way to engage students to study

The job of an instructor requires approaching the entire teaching process from different angles. And one of them is engaging a student in learning. With technological advancement, enticing students–especially those prior to and during puberty–has become a challenge. The young generation often has scattered concentration, and to draw its attention to the learning process, teachers have started using games.

Games can be a terrific, practical, and efficient way to stimulate students to study and have fun. Also known as gamification, it is a way to enhance students’ learning process, improving their involvement, motivating them to study, and increasing their experience.

Playing games and completing an assignment: How to manage to do both

The following are several tips to help you or your kiddo play games and write an assignment at once.

Learn the task above all else

Investing some time to learn the task before diving into the virtual world is effective in several ways. First, it will let you realize what’s being required from you. Second, you will know what to focus on when researching the area. And third, it will save you plenty of time so that you can enjoy the game for a longer period. Critical points to get familiar with when learning the requirements are:

  • Central question
  • Structure
  • Word count
  • Format

Break down your task into units

Although scarcely possible, it is best to try making your studying and gaming coexist. Playing for a long time and then spending a few minutes working on the task will do you no good; you won’t manage to change your focus from one aspect to another, let alone be efficacious. Whatever game you play, check your average breaks between rounds, instances, etc. Once you know that, try to adjust your learning to the game mechanics. Spending equal time on both activities will allow you to be significantly yielding.

Play in between the task or work on the task in between rounds

Knowing the mentioned information will also enable you to use a different strategy. That is, you can play in between the task or work on the assignment in between rounds. That’s for you to decide which option to choose (needless to say, kids would go with the second option, willing to play more than study). Regardless, remember to distribute time and effort in your playing and learning equally.

Incentivize your writing

If you usually play games with your friends, you can foster a healthy competition and come up with various tournaments. For example, you can run a series of rounds, a winner of which gets a draft of a written paper. This way, you don’t need to spend time working on the task, assuming you are confident in winning the contest. Otherwise, be ready to do double work writing an essay for yourself and the winner.

Make use of various apps

Cutting-edge technology goes way beyond video games, their mechanics, and their design. Many other apps and devices also make our lives significantly easier. Such elements can also mitigate your learning process. Take voice recorders, for instance. Being extremely simple, it enables you to record a message which you can later put on paper. You can even take a step farther and employ speech-to-text software, which will transcribe everything you say to a document.

Consider this

Exciting and different as the mentioned may sound, there are still many things left for consideration. One of the most crucial ones is the quality of such combined activities. Playing games and writing an assignment may result in lower effectiveness, as you have to multitask and focus on various things. Therefore, make sure to approach this process wisely, paying enough attention to both undertakings.


Playing games and writing a paper isn’t impossible. But it undoubtedly is challenging. You can play games and work on the task simultaneously, and the options mentioned above describe how. Remember, whatever strategy you choose, it’s vitally important to spend equal time playing and writing, so make sure you keep the balance.

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