Indie Power Hour: The Glass Staircase – Good Girls End Up Dead

Good girls take their medicine. Good girls do their chores. Good girls go home. Or do they?

Within the walls of a dilapidated mansion live four girls, who are promised that if they behave, they will be allowed to go home. You play as each of the four characters, and your goal is to complete your chore each day. However, something sinister lurks in the underbelly of these hallowed halls, and unless they can escape it, they may never return home.

Indie Power Hour is a show which focuses on new and upcoming indie games. In each episode, GameLuster writer Chloe Spencer will discuss the basic facts and elements of the game, as well as demonstrate one hour of gameplay. The goal is not to play a game to completion, but rather highlight interesting projects viewers might not have known much about. 

The Glass Staircase is a frightening experience which serves as an homage to PS2 survival horror games and Italian zombie films. You can grab it on now.

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