Infinity Ward Bring Back Bounties Into Warzone

In yet another U-turn from Infinity Ward, the developer has revised a contended decision to remove bounties from Warzone. Now, bounties are back. Earlier in the week, the Most Wanted contract was introduced into Warzone. However, to the dismay of the Call Of Duty community, they soon discovered that bounties had been removed.

More intriguingly, the developers did not announce with a reason why. A Twitter user, Ninja, described the removal of bounties as “a very very bad decision, and I’m not happy at all about it.”

Another Twitter user, Tyler Polchow, further argued that bounties were “super well balanced.”

They added: “The team being hunted has ample time to post up in a building or roof and defend themselves until time runs out, also knowing how close the threat is. High-risk High reward for players hunting.”

The bounties in Warzone provides players the chance to collect experience points and extra money to hunt down and kill other marked players on a map. It’s seen as a better alternative to players only camping out.

The Most Wanted contract is high-risk and high reward pick-up. Once a team of players is marked on a map, they’ll need to survive for five minutes. As well as a cash reward, the entire squad will be redeployed.

However, just last night, a playlist update was revealed. As a result, the Most Wanted contract was pulled. This radical U-turn from the Call Of Duty makers is not uncommon. Just a couple of weeks ago, Infinity Ward pulled trios from Warzone, even though several days prior, trios had been added back into the model.

Confused? Many of us are. The return of bounties has been well received by the Call Of Duty community, with Tyler Polchow tweeting: “Thanks for adding bounties back.”

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