Jump Rope Challenge Available for Free on Nintendo Switch

Looking for a way to keep fit while quarantined at home? Want to add a little more exercise to your daily routine, but popular titles like Ring Fit Adventure are sold out everywhere? Look no further than Jump Rope Challenge, a simple, adorable, and best of all FREE fitness game recently released for the Nintendo Switch.

Jump Rope Challenge allows players to jump while using their JoyCons as the handles of an imaginary “rope.”  The game challenges you to complete 100 jumps per day but will enable you to adjust that goal higher or lower as you please. It also saves your progress, reminding you how many hurdles you have completed each day. For people with limited mobility, simply bending your knees deeply will also count as a jump.

An adorable bunny mascot appears on the screen while you jump and keeps track of the number of jumps you perform. The game features a variety of outfits that allow you to customize your bunny’s wardrobe. Choose between cute casual clothes, sporty exercise gear, and more! Alongside the bunny mascot, gorgeous, colorful flowers will sprout and bloom as you progress towards your goal — overall, an adorable, relaxing, pleasant visual experience to accompany your workout.

Plus, you can even play Jump Rope Challenge together with a friend! Each of you will hold one JoyCon as you jump (or use your set of JoyCons) — and, of course, two bunny mascots representing the both of you will appear on screen!

According to Nintendo, the game was designed and programmed by a small team of developers working from home in Japan. The developers’ goal was to help people around the world “add some quick and fun movement into their daily lives.”

The game will be available for free digital download via the Nintendo eShop until the end of September. However, it is essential to note that the game is not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite.

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