King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Is Landing On Steam Early Access

After the disappointment of learning about the cancellation of Ubisoft’s planned King Arthur RPG called Avalon, legend and folklore fans now potentially have a bright way to begin the new year.

NeocoreGames’ upcoming King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a blend of RPG and tactical style gameplay, and is to be released on Steam Early Access January 12.

King Arthur Knights Tale Gameplay Screenshot Promo
King Arthur Knights Tale Gameplay Screenshot Promo

The Early Access period is expected to last for a few months before the full release comes to PC in early 2021, and later to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The game serves as a dark modern retelling of the events following the mythical Battle of Camlann, featuring gritty fantasy tropes and twists on traditional chivalry. In terms of story, the game emphasizes is said to be on moral choices and the important consequences they have on the game and its outcome.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is set against the backdrop of the legendary island of Avalon as you take on the role as Sir Mordred, King Arthur’s nemesis. After having slain each other in combat, you are tasked by The Lady of the Lake to finish what you started and kill King Arthur.

King Arthur Knights Tale Gameplay Steam Screenshot
King Arthur Knights Tale Gameplay Steam Screenshot

The game will apparently allow you to choose from more than 30 heroes to assemble your team to engage in battles, avoiding traps, and working strategically. The game introduces mythical creatures to the mix as well as resilient soldiers, so you’ll have to learn their strengths and weaknesses.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale plays into a traditional RPG by having character progression so you can level up on skill trees, loot, and develop your characters. You must also build up a loyal army, send them on quests, and avoid internal conflict at the Round Table.
Furthermore, you must forge and restore order to Avalon, all while shaping your legend.

NeocoreGames’ King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will cost $39.99.

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